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Zhu Wei, Alumni of CMIC, Presented the Screening of his New Work at ZJU

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On 14th October, 2017, a presentation on “Nude Love”, a film completely directed by Zhu Wei was held successfully in the Zijingang Theatre, Zhejiang University. Zhu Wei is one of College of Communication and International Culture’s alumni. The film


Before the presentation, Zhu said he was quite happy to have the chance to go back to ZJU. He also made a comment on the relationship between film producing and the need of market, “If you want to be accepted by the audience, you have to try your best to express what you want to show.” Zhu explained.


“Nude Love” tells a love story: Han Meimei is an actress who struggles to make a living in Beijing, and Li Lei has a dream to become a director. Their dreams and love are finally destroyed by pain and misery. Through this film, Zhu tried to show his understanding on love.


Zhu’s staff, including Cheng Muxuan, the leading actress, Wu Feiran, the composer, and Zhu Weijun also came to the presentation to share their opinions with ZJU students.



A Brief Introduction to Zhu Wei

Zhu Wei is a young director and screenwriter graduated from College of Communication and International Culture, Zhejiang University. At that time, he studied journalism. He furthered his study in ZJU and got a master degree on screenwriting. He used to be the judge for several film festivals and participate in screenwriting or directing for more than ten films.


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